Course materials will remain for a while, Videos on youtube forever


Hi Folks! Thanks for making the Educational Robots for Absolute Beginners Course such a great success! The course officially finished in December 2013, but the course materials will remain accessible on the course web site for at least several months, hopefully longer. We have no specific plans to remove the course material, but we do have to pay web-hosting fees and can only afford to do that for so long.

While the course may eventually disappear, the course videos will remain available on the rowanrobots youtube channel indefinitely, and you can find more information and the assignments on the rowan cs4hs page.

Jennifer Kay
Rowan University Laboratory for Educational Robotics

Finish by January 15th, 2014 - and enter raffle to win a Google CS4HS tote bag!


Hi Folks,

We're going to be giving away at least 10 (hopefully more - depending on how much  we spend on postage for the first 10!) of these Google CS4HS tote bags. We'll select the winners at random from those who finish the course by midnight on Wednesday January 15th, 2014 and fill out this prize entry form.

Hopefully this will encourage some of you who've been meaning to finish up those robot projects to do so. And for those of you who've already finished ... you can enter right away.

If you've finished the course and are interested in winning a tote bag, please be sure to fill out this prize entry form.

-- Jennie

Certificates of Completion are Now Available!!


At the bottom of the Educational Robots Course page you will now find a link to the Certificate Download
If you have completed all of the certifications (5 robot projects and 3 survey secret passwords):

  • That link will automatically display your certificate of completion for you to print.
If you have not yet completed all of the certifications:
  • That link will give you an update on what you have yet to do

Tips on Printing your Certificate
  • The certificate is designed to print on a single page in landscape mode.
  • Depending on your web browser and paper size you may have to scale the page down slightly in order for the certificate to print on a single page - you can usually do this inside of "print preview."

Correcting Problems with Your Name:

  • The name printed on the certificate is the name you gave us when you signed up for the course
  • If you would like to change the way your name is printed on your certificate, click on the "Progress" tab at the top of any of the course pages. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a text box where you can reenter your name.

Educational Robots for Absolute Beginners - Local Meetups!


For those of you who are interested in meeting up with others who live near you, you can of course post on the course forum, but we now have a LEGO CS4HS Robotics Meetups Everywhere page. Set up a meetup and meet your fellow classmates! We will also be offering some "in person office hours" during weeks 3-5 in selected cities where experienced TAs will be there to help you!

-- Jennie

Sneak Preview!!!


The course officially opens on November 15th, but we've opened the course early to make sure that the system is working well for our grand opening. Feel free to come in and get started now. If you encounter any technical difficulties with the course, please click on the "send private feedback" button at the bottom of each lesson, or send an email to cs4hsrobots@rowan.edu