Peanut Butter & Jelly Redux

Try This!

Ask your students or a colleague to write up their own set of peanut butter and jelly instructions. Try and follow their instructions as literally as possible and see what happens.

Concerned about Peanut Allergies? Beyond the obvious alternatives like "Soy nut butter," another option is to substitute containers of vanilla & chocolate frosting for the peanut butter & jelly.

You can also try this with your students in the classroom using a less messy task. For example, ask each student to secretly create a simple line drawing of a well-known object (e.g. a house or a smiley face) without letting their peers see the drawing. Next, ask each student to write a list of instructions that describe how to recreate their drawing. Finally, have the students exchange instructions and follow them. It will be interesting to see how closely the resulting pictures match the originals.

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